In order to understand what history represents, it is important to understand Prehistory. This refers to the period of time span before the known history was recorded. Once the writing system was invented, it marked the end of the prehistoric era. The past in an area where there is no evidence of written records is what represents Prehistory.

This further means that it was a period where the writing of a culture did not exist or was not understood. If we are to understand and implicit the exclusion of certain preliterate civilizations, the study of prehistory is crucial. The recorded history, in term of world history, is dating somewhere around the 4th millennium BC.

This is when the recorded history was first seen in accounts of the ancient world. Mostly, this written history is limited because the use of written record was very limited at the time. Unfortunately, not all major events from that period were written and a lot is missing. We consider the earliest form of our known history as Proto-Writing. This was the earliest writing system known to mankind. It emerged in Eurasia.


proto-writingProto-Writing is not classified as real writing but something that resembles writing the most. In order to convey information, it used ideograph symbols. Put more simply, it used pictures or drawings in order to convey information. The point where prehistory turns into history is very unclear. Many believe that it was the invention of the first acclaimed writing system in the beginning of the Bronze age.

The others say that history has begun with the Egyptian and Sumerian scripts and hieroglyphs. The most common event that everyone agrees could be the beginning of history was when mankind stopped following animal migrations and began making their first and permanent settlements. Of course, we cannot define history by what is written down, there is much more to it.

We know most of the Egyptian history not from words but from the information left behind that primarily comes from the tombs. There are three events that could sum up the beginning of history as we know it. The first one could be when humans first came into existence. The second one could be when the first human settlement was created and the third one could be when writing was first invented. We can only begin to assume which one is the answer.