All people on this planet have heard of science. We are mentioning it every day. Put simply, science is knowledge of the world of nature. In order to survive on this planet, there are many regularities in nature we, as a kind, had to recognize. We know that celestial bodies like the Sun and the Moon periodically repeat their movements.

The daily motion of the Sun is very simple to observe and we do not need technology to see that the Sun moves and changes its position during the day. On the other hand, the annual motion of the Sun is far more difficult for observing without the proper instruments. What’s important here is the notion that both motions correlate with the most important events on our planet. The changing of the night and day provide the basic rhythm of our existence.

The changing of the seasons determine the migration of animals upon which we have depended since the dawn of time. In a way, everything we know in our world is connected and intertwined. Knowing natural processes is a way how we referred to science in the early periods of human existence until we realized that everything we know can be explained by science. A simple definition of science as knowledge of natural processes was universal among mankind.

History of science

history of scienceThis definition does not exhaust what science truly means. We think of it as regularities because that’s how our brain interprets science. If we are to understand a great mystery called science, we have to embrace a larger view. By establishing these regularities, it falls easier on us to get our knowledge from the examination of data. To prevent any premature generalization and jumping to conclusions which could lead us astray from what is real, we must employ a certain degree of skepticism.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that science is being skeptical about something that happened in the world beyond our comprehension. In order to be able to explain it, one must think beyond the boundaries of what we know and what is known. History and science are tightly related. The history of science was always in a tight relationship with all the branches of learning. The truth is that the history of science was never formally taught in science departments. The truth is, we still do not know all of it.