Author: Dorothy Baughn

The philosophy of science

Science was available to us before writing. In order to infer from archaeological remains what was the content of the exact science. The prehistoric humans were known to be great observers of the sky and nature. There were able to track seasons with great precision without using any time tracking instruments. Yet, they knew exactly which time of the year it was. There are still unexplained sudden bursts of activities rating from 3000 years ago that clearly had a significant scientific importance. There are large stone structures all over the world that we know nothing about how they got...

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The beginnings of modern history

Many only can guess but they agree that, in a purely technical sense, modern history began with the end of the Renaissance. There is certainty in this though. There are disagreements that Renaissance is the proper temporal bound for the modern era. Still, many do agree that the Age of Enlightenment was the start of Modern History. Clearly, if we are to really identify when modern history actually began, we need to take a look at some of the ancient customs and activities that were considered strange. In the Renaissance astrology, there was an accepted branch of history with...

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The beginning of history

In order to understand what history represents, it is important to understand Prehistory. This refers to the period of time span before the known history was recorded. Once the writing system was invented, it marked the end of the prehistoric era. The past in an area where there is no evidence of written records is what represents Prehistory. This further means that it was a period where the writing of a culture did not exist or was not understood. If we are to understand and implicit the exclusion of certain preliterate civilizations, the study of prehistory is crucial. The...

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Development of science over time

All people on this planet have heard of science. We are mentioning it every day. Put simply, science is knowledge of the world of nature. In order to survive on this planet, there are many regularities in nature we, as a kind, had to recognize. We know that celestial bodies like the Sun and the Moon periodically repeat their movements. The daily motion of the Sun is very simple to observe and we do not need technology to see that the Sun moves and changes its position during the day. On the other hand, the annual motion of the...

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Big announcement

Every year, the Arkansas Archeological Society holds their annual meeting. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and a really great thing is that this meeting is usually enhanced by the incredible availability of unusual shopping, interesting sightseeing and attractions and good restaurants. There are still some months to go for the deadline but it is already possible to send proposals for, workshops, presentations, and papers. There are some certain rules when it comes to how you will present your papers. They should not be more than 20 minutes in length and the topic is entirely up...

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