Happening every year over the weekend, The Louisiana Archaeological Society holds their annual meeting somewhere in the middle of February. Placed just west of New Orleans, this is a very popular meeting among archaeologists. Usually, it is somewhere between Mardi Gras and Super Bowl. These events are always carefully planned because there are so many events that are important at that period of the year.

hotelUp til now, the location was the Marriott Lakeway, which is really near to the foot of the Causeway, right across Lake Pontchartrain. The location is easily reached from both I-10 and I-12. The view from the hotel is really magical as it stretches far across the lake to its north and goes beyond the vast expanse.

If you have never been to a place that is such a high rise that overlooks this beautiful lake, you will really enjoy the view of the New Orleans and its wonderful east skyline, that is breathtakingly beautiful. There are no problems with the parking here either if this is what concerns you. The hotel has a huge garage attached to it with lots of parking space so this is a really nice convenience.

About the hotel

Usually, the weekends after Mardi Gras tend to be slow so the rates for the parking lot are reduced at this time of the year which is just perfect for the opportunity. In case that any of the participants want to ask around about the hotel we are staying at, they can feel free to do so by paying a visit to the official hotel web page. There, they will be able to find the full information about the hotel and its capacities and conveniences.

The hotel is reserved for non-smokers only and everyone coming by car can inform themselves about the route by clicking on the map & transportation tab. In between the meetings, there is an opportunity to visit the best and the most beautiful parts of New Orleans.

Due to the Katrina floodings, there will be possibilities to see the areas that were most impacted. This time, the main theme of the meeting will be related to the archaeological record of the effect of floods but, there will be other discussions that are not limited just to this particular subject. These meetings are both informative and interesting so, anyone interested in archaeology should participate.