Every year, the Arkansas Archeological Society holds their annual meeting. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and a really great thing is that this meeting is usually enhanced by the incredible availability of unusual shopping, interesting sightseeing and attractions and good restaurants. There are still some months to go for the deadline but it is already possible to send proposals for, workshops, presentations, and papers.

arkansasThere are some certain rules when it comes to how you will present your papers. They should not be more than 20 minutes in length and the topic is entirely up to you. There is a total of 14 available time slots and they will be filled on the basis first to come, first served.

There is a possibility of reserving the place upfront by sending an interest note. All the participants have to do is send the abstract and a title at some point and it will be on demand. Also, there will be The Arkansas Archeological Society Training in Archeology and field excavation program with the plan focused on exposing more of the Middle Archaic zone.

There is an issue that needs our immediate addressing and that is craft specialization and production and exchange of novaculite tool. Besides the exposure to archaeological techniques, the participants of the program will also be granted other archaeological activities, demonstrations and handcrafts.

logo1The Southeastern Archaeological Conference is on the way of promoting public awareness of the importance and impact of archaeology with the scope of granting to finance public outreach projects. There are a wide range and variety of educational programs and other outreach activities that could largely raise public awareness.

These projects could include any public-oriented project, public field trips, archaeology fairs, Elderhostel programs, project archaeology workshops, any activities related with archaeology for both the adults and children, exhibits, and any printed material that is distributed for the sole purpose of public consumption.

In case that there are interested participants in these programs, they can find out more information including a history of grant applications, requirements and full description of activities.