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Louisiana Archaeology Bulletins
Numbers 1 Through 35 (1974-2008)
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Number 1, 1974 (out of print, special order available)


The Inaugural Issue of Louisiana Archaeology, by Jon L. Gibson.

Can the Professional and the Amateur Archaeologist Cooperate? by Clarence H. Webb.

The Rise and Decline of Poverty Point, by Jon L. Gibson.

Big Oak and Little Oak Islands: Excavations and Interpretations, by J. Richard  Shenkel.

 Lithic Reduction Strategies at the George C. Davis Site, by Harry J. Shafer.

The Bruly St. Martin Site and its Implications for Coastal Settlement in Louisiana,

by James W. Springer.

A Catahoula Stone Mask, by W. S. Baker, Jr.


Number 2, 1975 (out of print, special order possible)


Louisiana's Historic Indians, by Fred B. Kniffen.

Chitimacha Basketry, by Hiram F. Gregory and Clarence H. Webb.

Mounds Plantation (16CD12), Caddo Parish, Louisiana, by Clarence H. Webb and Ralph R. McKinney.

The Poverty Point Site: North Sector Test Excavations, by Carl Kuttruff.

The Poverty Point Culture, as Seen from Southeastern Texas, by L. W. Patterson.

Prehistoric Settlement Patterns of the Young's Bayou Drainage, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, by Brent W. Smith.

Fire Pits at Mount Bayou (16CT35), Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, by Jon L. Gibson.

The Cicada in Southeastern Archaeology and in Coushatta Tradition, by Donald G. Hunter.


Number 3, 1976 (published 1977) (out of print, special order possible)


Archaeological Techniques in the Louisiana Coastal Region; by Robert-W. Neuman.

The Brackish Water Clam (Rangia cuneata): A Prehistoric "Staff of Life" or a Minor Food Resource,

by Kathleen Mary Byrd.

Preliminary Evidence of Seasonal Fishing Activity at Bayou Jasmine, by Brian J. Duhe.

The Bel Site (16CU127): Urban Archaeology in Lake Charles, Louisiana, by Joe Frank.

A Ceramic Sequence from Southern Louisiana and Its Implications for Type Frequency Seriation, by James W. Springer.

A Reexamination of the Houses at the Bayou Goula Site, Iberville Parish, Louisiana, by Ian W. Brown.

Lacadon Arrowheads and Jaketown Perforators: A Possible Historical-Functional Analogue, by Jon L. Gibson. Catahoula Type Projectile Points, by William S. Baker and Clarence H. Webb.

The Catahoula Projectile Point: A Distributional Study, by L. W. Patterson.

An Archaeological Survey of Northeastern Mexico, by Joel L. Shiner.


Number 4, 1977 (published 1979) (out of print, special order possible)


Reminiscences, Ecology, Natural Resource Exploitation and Tradition; by Clarence H. Webb

Excavations in the Atkins Midden at the Troyville Site, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, by Donald G. Hunter and

William S. Baker, Jr.

Excavations at the Pierre Clement Site, Cameron Parish, Louisiana, by James W. Springer.

Poverty Point Trade in South Central Louisiana: An Illustration from Beau Rivage, by Jon L. Gibson.


Human Effigy Vessels from Gold Mine Plantation, by Reca Jones, with Nina Helfert, Dwain Kirkham, and

Woodrow Duke.

Delson Chevalier, 1919-1978, by Hiram F. Gregory, Jr.

Archaeology and Ceramics at the Marksville Site, by Alan Toth, reviewed by Jon L. Gibson.


Number 5, 1978 (published 1980) (out of print, special order possible)


The Hanna Site: An Alto Focus Village in Red River Parish, Louisiana, by Prentice Marquet Thomas, Jr.,

L. Janice Campbell, and Steven R. Ahler, with contributions by Jeffrey Altschul, Kathleen Mary Byrd,

Frank N. Charles III, Marco Giardino, Hiram F. Gregory, Jr., John P. Lenzer, Andrea Shea, and

Newell O. Wright, Jr.


Number 6, 1979 (published 1980) (out of print, special order possible)


Caddoan and Poverty Point Archaeology: Essays in Honor of Clarence Hungerford Webb, edited by Jon L. Gibson.

I Wonder about the World of Clarence Hungerford Webb, by Robert S. Neitzel:

The Doctor and Caddology: Dr. Clarence H. Webb's Contribution to Caddo Archaeology, by Hiram F. Gregory, Jr. Clarence Hungerford Webb and Poverty Point Archaeology, by Jon L. Gibson.

Archaeological Bibliography of Clarence Hungerford Webb, 1939-1979, by Jon L. Gibson

Clarence Hungerford Webb, Careers in Pictorial Essay, by Jon L. Gibson, with Dorothy Dodd Webb.

Fourche Maline: An Archaeological Manifestation in Eastern Oklahoma, by Robert R Bell.

The Caddoan Confederacies-Some Ecological Considerations, by J. Ned Woodall.

Jonas Short and Coral Snake. Mounds: A Comparison, by Burney B. McClurkan, Edward B. Je1ks, and

Harald P. Jensen.

Preadaptation for the Southern Cult in the Caddoan Heartland, by S. Alan Skinner.

Distribution of Natchitoches Engraved Ceramics, by R. King Harris and Inus Marie Harris.

The Atlanta State Park Site in Northeastern Texas, by R. King Hams, Inus Marie Harris, and M. R Miroir. Lithic Technology in Northeast Texas, by Joel L. Shiner.

Poverty Point Period Social Organization in the Yazoo Basin, Mississippi: A Preliminary Consideration,

by Jay K. Johnson.

Intrasite Structure at the Claiborne Site, by James E. Bruseth.

Speculations on the Origin and Development of Poverty Point Culture, by Jon L. Gibson.


Number 7, 1980 (published 1981) (out of print, special order possible)


Big Brushy: A Stratified Multiple Component Site at Fort Polk, Louisiana, by Thomas H. Guderjan and

James R. Morehead.

Human Ecology at the Morton Shell Mound Site (16IB3), Iberia Parish, Louisiana, by Robin S. Futch:

Some Notes on Mississippian Period Ceramics in the Mississippi River Delta, by Dave D. Davis and Marco J. Giardino. The Dawn of Writing in the New World: Tokens and Trade at Poverty Point, Louisiana, and Related Sites,

by Burma H. Hyde and William J. Folan.

Mayan Blade Manufacture and the Bow and Arrow, by L. W. Patterson and J. B. Sollberger

Aerial Imagery in Locating and Managing Archaeological Resources along the Louisiana Coast, by Robert W. Neuman and Kathleen Mary Byrd_

Beau Mire: A Late Tchula Period Site of the Tchefuncte Culture, Ascension Parish, Louisiana, by Richard A.

Weinstein and Philip G. Rivet, reviewed by Ian W. Brown.

The Caddo Indians of Louisiana, by Clarence H. Webb and Hiram F. Gregory, Jr., reviewed by Timothy K. Perttula.

The Caddo Indians of Louisiana: Reply to Perttula, by Clarence H. Webb.

Another Response to Perttula, by Hiram R Gregory, Jr.

Reply to Webb and Gregory: One for the Road, by Timothy K. Perttula


Number 8, 1981 (published 1982)


The Neutral Calorie? On the Maintenance of Ranked Societies in the "Agriculturally Deficient" Environment of Gulf Coastal Louisiana, by M. C. Webb.

Pontchartrain Tchefuncte Site Differentiation, by J. Richard Shenkel.

The Slate Site, a Poverty Point Lapidary Industry in the Southern Yazoo Basin, Mississippi, by Geoffrey R. Lehmann.

The Keenan Bead Cache, Lawrence County, Mississippi, by John Conaway.

Recent Research on Poverty Point Period Subsistence and Settlement Systems: Test Excavations at the J. W. Copes Site in Northeast Louisiana, by H. Edwin Jackson.

A Proposed Bone Tool Classification: A Case Study from Southeastern Louisiana, by Tristram R. Kidder and

David A. Barondess.

The French House Site 22AD668: The White Earth Concession (1720-1729), by Joseph V. Frank. Recovery and Identification of Civil. War Artifacts at a Site near Sunset, Louisiana, by Warren Bowen Wiggs.

Digging up Bones, by D. R. Brothwell, reviewed by M. K. Sandford.


Number 9, 1982 (published 1984)


The Troyville-Baytown Period in Lower Mississippi Valley Prehistory: A Memorial to Robert Stuart Neitzel, edited by Jon L. Gibson_

Memorial to Stu Neitzel, the Man and his Spirit, by Jon L. Gibson.

Robert Stuart Neitzel (1911-1980), by Jeffrey P. Brain.

Neitzel in Letters, by Jeffrey R Brain and Ian W. Brown.

Neitzel in Images, by Jon L. Gibson.

The Troyville-Baytown Issue, by Jon L. Gibson.

The Troyville Concept and the Gold Mine Site, by John S. Belmont.

Temporal Frameworks: Archaeological Components and Burial Styles: The Human Osteology of the Mt. Nebo

Site in North Louisiana, by Marco J. Giardino.

Old Creek, a Troyville Period Ossuary in LaSalle Parish, Louisiana: Reflections After a Quarter Century,

by Jon L. Gibson.

Preliminary Report on Excavations at an Early Troyville Period Site (16ST6) on the West Pearl River, Louisiana,

by M. C. Webb.

The Bellevue Focus: A Marksville-Troyville Manifestation in Northwestern Louisiana, by Clarence H. Webb.

The Southeastern Check Stamp Pottery Tradition: A View from Louisiana, by Ian W. Brown, reviewed by Brian J. Duhe.


Number 10, 1983 (published 1985)


Prehistory of the Ouachita River Valley, Louisiana and Arkansas, edited by Jon L. Gibson.

A Brief History of Archaeological Work in the Ouachita Valley, Arkansas, by Ann M. Early.

An Evaluatory History of Archaeology in the Ouachita Valley of Louisiana, by Jon L. Gibson.

Archaeological Investigations in the Ouachita River Valley, Bayou Bartholomew to Riverton, Louisiana,

by Reca Bamburg Jones.

Mounds on the Ouachita, by Jon L. Gibson.

A Reconnaissance of the Boeuf Basin, Louisiana, by John S. Belmont.

Excavations at the Crane Lake Site (16MO41), Morehouse Parish, Louisiana, by G. R. Dennis Price.

Ouachita Prehistory, by Jon L. Gibson.

Louisiana Archaeology: An Index to the First Ten Years, by William E. Moore.



Number 11, 1984 (published 1987)


Louisiana Archaeological Society Members Honored at National Meeting, by Robert W. Neuman.

A Historical Dugout Canoe from Homochitto River in Franklin County, Mississippi, by James F. Barnett,

The Experimental Manufacture of a Ground Hard Stone Pendant, by Carey D. Weber.

Archaeological Testing of the Horton Cemetery (I6EF66), Jackson, Louisiana, by Mary Huffman Manhein, Ann M. Whitmer, Douglas W. Owsley, and Murray K. Marks.

Burial Traditions of the Blue Bayou Coushatta, by Donald G. Hunter.

The Rosedale and Shellhill Discs: "Southern Cult" Evidence from Southeastern Louisiana, by Richard A. Weinstein.

Grand Houmas Village: An Historic Houma Indian Site (I6AN35), Ascension Parish, Louisiana, by Bryan L. Guevin.

Comparative Aspects of Late Prehistoric Faunal Ecology at the Sims Site, by Dave D. Davis.

The Panola Plantation Site: A Plaquemine Burial Mound in Northeast Louisiana, by Reca Bamburg Jones.

Lithic Resources of Western Louisiana, by Paul. V. Heinrich.

Prehistory of the Pearl River, Louisiana and Mississippi: Report on a Literature Search, by Bill Moore.


Number 12, 1985 (published 1990) (out of print, special order possible)


William "Bill" Baker, 1932-1988: A Tribute, by Hiram E Gregory.

The Apalachee on Red River, 1763-1834: An Ethnohistory and Summary of Archaeological Testing at the Zimmerman Hill Site, Rapides Parish, Louisiana, by Donald G. Hunter.

The Red River Coushatta Indian Villages of Northwest Louisiana, 1790-1835, by Claude McCrocklin.

The Ouachita Indians of Louisiana: An Ethnohistorical and Archaeological Investigation, by Tristram R. Kidder.

Paleoindian Settlement on the Macon Ridge, Northeastern Louisiana, by Mitchell Hillman.

Surface Surveys of the Insley Site, Franklin Parish, Louisiana, by David L. Griffing.


Number 13, 1986 (published 1990)


Recent Research at the Poverty Point Site, edited by Kathleen M. Byrd.

Excavations at the Poverty Point Site: 1972-1975, by William G. Haag.

Discussion after Haag.

Investigations at the Visitor Center, Poverty Point State Commemorative Area, 1978, by Deborah Woodiel. Discussion after Woodiel.

Poverty Point Excavations, 1980-1982, by Joan Exnicios and Deborah Woodiel.

Discussion after Exnicios and Woodiel.

A View from the Outside: A New Look at Areas Adjoining the Poverty Point Site, by Jeffrey H. Altschul.

The Deep Six Paleosol: The Incipient Poverty Point Occupation, 1983 Excavations, by Glen S. Greene. The 1985 Test Excavations of the "Dock" Area of Poverty Point, by Mitchell M. Hillman.

Discussion after Hillman.

Soils: Poverty Point. Soils on the Immediate and Locally Surrounding Poverty Point Area, by Thurman Allen.

Earth Sitting: Architectural Masses at Poverty Point, Northeastern Louisiana, by Jon L. Gibson.

Discussion after Gibson.

Future Research Directions, by Kathleen M. Byrd.

Mitchell Hillman, 1943-1987: A Tribute, by Jon L. Gibson.



Number 14, 1987 (published 1991)


Island in the Past: Archaeological Excavations at the Francis Thompson Site, Madison Parish, Louisiana

by Jon L. Gibson, with a contribution by John C. Calhoun.


Number 15, 1988 (published 1992)


Archaeological Investigations at the LSU Campus Mounds, edited by Robert W. Neuman.

Report on the Soil Core Borings Conducted at the LSU Campus Mounds Site (16EBR6),

East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, by Robert W. Neuman

Archaeological Investigations at the LSU Campus Mounds Site, by Jeffrey Allan Homburg. Number 16, 1989 (published 1994)

Lanier A. Simmons (1930-1990), by Kathleen Byrd.

Tchefuncte Subsistence Practices at the Morton Shell Mound, Iberia Parish, Louisiana, by Kathleen Mary Byrd.

The Paleoenvironmental Setting of Northeast Louisiana during the Paleo-Indian Period, by Roger T. Saucier.

Number 17, 1990 (published 1994)


Exchange in the Lower Mississippi Valley and Contiguous Areas in 1100 B.C., edited by Jon L. Gibson.

Lower Mississippi Valley Exchange at 1100 B.C., by Jon L. Gibson.

The Late Archaic of the Eastern Lowlands and Evidence of Trade, by Robert C. Dunnell and F. H. Whittaker.

 Poverty Point in Tennessee, by Gerald P. Smith and Charles H. McNutt.

Notes on Some Alabama Lithic Materials and the Poverty Point Exchange System(s), by Marvin D. Jeter and

Eugene M. Futato.

Trade and Exchange in Eastern Texas, 1100 B.C.-A.D. 800, by Timothy K. Perttula and James E. Bruseth.

Directional Exchange Patterns during the Poverty Point Period in the Yazoo Basin, Mississippi, by

Geoffrey R. Lehmann.

Poverty Point Extraction and Exchange: The Arkansas Lithic Connections, by Marvin D. Jeter and H. Edwin Jackson.

Only a Stone's Throw Away: Exchange in the Poverty Point Hinterland, by Jon L. Gibson and David L. Gritting.

Over the Mountain and Across the Sea: Regional Poverty Point Exchange, by Jon L. Gibson.

Number 18, 1991 (published 1995)


"And Stuff Like That There:" In Appreciation of William G. Haag, edited by Jon L. Gibson,

Robert W. Neuman and Richard A. Weinstein.

"And Stuff Like That There;" by Jon L. Gibson, Robert W. Neuman, and Richard A. Weinstein.

William George Haag, Life and Times, by Robert S. Neitzel.

Publications of William G. Haag, 1937-1994, by William G. Haag.

Bill, 1968-1976 (Photographs).


New Deal Archaeology in the Middle Tennessee Valley: 1934-1942, by David H. Dye.

Things that Count: Mean Vertical Positions and Poverty Point Archaeology, by Jon L. Gibson.

A Perforated, Spatulate Stone Celt from Louisiana, by Robert W. Neuman.

Ethnobiology in the Defense of Indigenous Peoples, by Darrell A. Posey.

The Message of the Artifact, by Miles Richardson.

A Brief History of the Early Years of the Archaeological Site Survey in Louisiana, by Philip G. Rivet.

A Postulated "Lost" River System in Southeastern Arkansas and Northeastern Louisiana-Is There Archaeological Evidence? by Roger T. Saucier.

Arroyo Hondo Pueblo: Telling the Scholarly Story to a Broader Audience, by Douglas W. Schwartz.

The Tchula Period in the Lower Mississippi Valley and Adjacent Coastal Zone: A Brief Summary,

by Richard A. Weinstein.

Bill, Again, 1976-1995 (Photographs).


That Earthy Farm Smell, by George I. Quimby.

A Memory of Bill Haag, by Douglas W. Schwartz.

For Bill Haag: Some Paths We Have Trod Together, by Stephen Williams.

 A Certain Final Exam I’ll Never Forget, by Roger T. Saucier.

My Friend, Bill Haag, by Frederick H. West.

Pay the Man, Layton, by Layton J. Miller.

Sir Bill, by Malcolm Shuman.

A Scholar and a Gentleman and a Fine Teacher Too, by Jon L. Gibson.

Memories of William G. Haag, by Darrell A. Posey.

A Few Choice Memories, by Richard A. Weinstein. When a Dog Wandered In, by George J. Castille. Hissing Around the Pit, by Deborah K. Woodiel.


Number 19, 1992


Dr. Webb, edited by Jon L. Gibson and Hiram F. Gregory, Jr.

A Tribute to Clarence Hungerford Webb, by Jon L. Gibson and Hiram R Gregory, Jr:

Clarence H. Webb (1902-1991), by Jon L. Gibson.

Recollections and More, including contributions by Michael Beckman, William S. Baker, Jr., James E. Bruseth,

Kathleen M. Byrd, John M. Connaway, Lester C. Davis, Jr., James A. Fogleman, Joseph V. Frank, Jon L. Gibson,

Hiram R Gregory, Jr., James B. Griffin, William G. Haag, David R. Jeane, John E. Keller, Dennis LaBatt,

Harold B. Levy, Richard A. Marshall, Burney B. McClurkan, James R. Morehead, Dan F. Morse,

Robert S. Neitzel, Robert W. Neuman, George W. Shannon, Jr., Frank F. Schambach, Dee Ann Story,

Clarence H. Webb, Jr., Deborah K. Woodiel, and Don G. Wyckoff.

Archaeological Bibliography of Clarence H. Webb, by Jon L. Gibson and Hiram R Gregory, Jr:

Number 20, 1993


The St. Gabriel Site: Prehistoric Life on the Mississippi, by Deborah Kay Woodiel. Recent Work at the Ghost Site (16TE18), by Joe Saunders.

A Clovis Point Found at Cote Blanche Island, by Thomas A. Marckese.

Archaic Mounds in Louisiana: The Case of the LSU Campus Mounds Report, by Dennis Jones.

Reply to Mr. Jones Regarding the LSU Campus Mounds Report, by Robert W. Neuman. Comments on the Age of the LSU Campus Mounds: A Reply to Jones, by Jeffrey A. Homburg.

Number 21, 1994 (published 1996)


Archaeological Investigations at the Lee Site, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, by Richard A. Weinstein;

with Appendix A: Vertebrate Fauna, by David B. Kelley; and Appendix B: Pollen Analysis of the Lee Site,

East Baton Rouge, Parish, Louisiana, by Frederick M. Wiseman.

Analysis of the Vertebrate Remains from Four Coushatta Sites in Bossier Parish, Louisiana, by Brian S. Shaffer

and Timothy K. Perttula.

The Pine Island Site: A Coles Creek Site on Lake Darbonne in Union Parish, by James Harty.

The Baskin Site, An Early Archaic Site in Franklin Parish, by David L. Griffing.

Stelly Mounds (16SL1): An Archaic Mound Complex, by Michael Russo and James Fogleman.


Number 22, 1995 (published 1997)


The Archaic Period, by Joe Saunders and Thurman Allen.

Tchefuncte Use of Animal Bone with Inferences for Tchefuncte Culture, Ritual, and Animal Cosmologies,

by Barbara A. Lewis.

Political Competition and Site Placement: Late Prehistoric Settlement in the Tensas Basin of Northeast Louisiana,

by Douglas C. Wells.

Stylistic Influences on the Gulf Coastal Plain: New Evidence from Paddle Stamped Pottery in Louisiana,

by Rebecca Saunders.

The Lindsey Site: A Mound Complex on Big Corney Bayou in Union Parish, Louisiana, by James Harry.

Caddoan Settlement in the Red River Floodplain: Perspectives from the Willow Chute Bayou Area,

Bossier Parish, Louisiana, by Jeffrey S. Girard.

More Friend Than Foe: Eighteenth Century Spanish, French, and Caddoan Interaction at Los Adaes,

A Capital of Texas Located in Northwestern Louisiana, by George Avery.

Number 23, 1996 (published 1999)

Archaeological Significance of Large Ephemeral Lakes and Lake Outlets of the Mississippi River Deltaic Plain, by Roger T. Saucier.

Seriation of Certain Tchefuncte Ceramic Decoration Styles in Avoyelles, Lafayette, St. Landry, and St. Martin Parishes, Louisiana, by Mark A. Melancon.

Perspectives on Tchefuncte Cultural Chronology: A View from the Bayou Jasmine" Site, St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana, by Christopher T. Hays and Richard A. Weinstein.

Archaic Fiber Perishables from Avery Island: Analysis and Conservation of Louisiana's Oldest Dated Textiles, by Mary Strickland-Olsen, Jenna Tedrick Kuttruff, and Carl Kuttruff.

Number 24, 1997 (published 2000)

Excavations at the Frederick's Site (16NA2), Natchitoches Parish; Louisiana, by Jeffrey S. Girard; with Appendix A: Analysis of the Vertebrate Faunal Remains from the Frederick's Site, by Brian S. Shaffer.

The Archaeology of the Confederate Gunboat Arrow, by. Charles E. Pearson.

Number 25, 1998 (published 2003)

The1980-1982 Excavations on the Northwest Ridge 1 at the Poverty Point Site.  T.R. Kidder and Charles R. McGimsey, editors.

Number 26, 1999 (published 2005)


The Charles E. Klueppel Site (16CT479): An Early Mississippi Period Ceramic Anomaly in the Lower Tensas Basin, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, by Donald G. Hunter and Katherine M. Roberts.

An Exploration into Archaeology’s Past: The 1926 Expedition of Henry B. Collins, Jr. in Louisiana,

By Chip McGimsey

Archaeological Investigations at the Scott Place Mounds (16UN4), Union Parish, Louisiana,

by James Harty

A Description of Ceramic Sherds from the James Jones site (16UN81), by James Harty

Dendrochronology in Louisiana: A Brief and Preliminary Statement by R.W. Neuman

Marksville Then and Now: 75 Years of Digging, by Chip McGimsey, Katherine M. Roberts, H. Edwin Jackson, and Michael L. Hargrove


Number 27, 2000 (published 2006) 


An Assessment of Radiocarbon Age Results from the Poverty Point Site, by Robert F. Connolly

Fish Hatchery 2 (16NA70): A Late Prehistoric Site on the Caddo-Lower Mississippi Valley Margin,

By Jeffrey S. Girard, H. Edwin Jackson, and Katherine M. Roberts

Phase I Investigations of the Harvey Site (16EF80), East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, by James Allen Green, Jr.

Poverty Point Bake Clay Objects: A Preliminary Study of Stylistic Motifs, by Phyllis Lear


Number 28, 2001 (published 2009)


An Early Nineteenth Century Alabama-Coushatta Burial from the Carolina #3 Site (16BO176) in Northwestern Louisiana, by Timothy K. Perttula and Diane E. Wilson

An 18th Century Artifact from Beauregard Parish, Louisiana, by James Allen Green

A Sourcing Study of Soapstone Vessel Fragments from the Poverty Point Archaeological Site (16WC5),

West Carroll Parish, Louisiana, by Wm. Brian Yates

The Bayou Grande Cheniere Mounds Site (16PL159), by Timothy Shilling

Recent Investigations at the Belmont Mound (16SJ1), by Joe Saunders, R.W. Neuman, and Thurman Allen


Number 29, 2002 (published 2010)


Marc Dupuy, Jr. and his Contributions to Louisiana Archaeology, by Philip G. “Duke” Rivet

The Lake St. Agnes Site-A Multi-Component Occupation of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana,

by E. Alan Toth

Dating the Lac St. Agnes Mound (16AV26), by Chip McGimsey

Analysis of Dental and Skeletal Pathologies in the Burials from the Lac St. Agnes Mounds Site (16AV26), by Dr. Ginesse A. Listi

Images from the Past in Louisiana Archaeology: Photographs of the 1972 Investigations of the Lac St. Agnes site (16AV26), by Philip G. “Duke” Rivet and E. Alan Toth

A Study of Structure Patterns at the Phillip Nick Farm Site (16AV22), Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana,

By Cherie Ann Schwab Gross

Prehistoric Enclosures in Louisiana and Marksville Site (16AV1), by Dennis Jones and Dr. Carl Kuttruff

Images from the Past in Louisiana Archaeology: Photographs of the 1993 Investigations by the LAS at Enclosure A of the Marksville site (16AV1) by Dennis Jones


Number 30, 2003 (published 2010)


Lithic Utilization Strategies at the Hoover Site (16TA5), Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana,

by Josetta LeBoeuf

Analysis of Bricks and Clays Associated with the 19th Century McIlhenny Tabasco Sauce Factory on Avery Island, Louisiana, by Thomas Pesacreta, Ashley Dumas, and Lily Ann Hume.

The Wreck of the Neches Belle: Underwater Remote-Sensing and Diver Investigations at the U.S. Highway 84 Bridge Over the Sabine River, Logansport, DeSoto Parish, Louisiana


Number 31, 2004 (published 2010)

The Burnitt Site (16SA204):  A Late Caddoan Occupation in the Uplands of the Sabine River Basin, by David B. Kelley, Donald G. Hunter, Katherine M. Roberts, Susan L. Scott, and Bryan S. Haley.

The Holmes Site (41SM282):  An East Texas Site with Lower Mississippi Valley Ceramic Sherds, by Mark Walters and Timothy K. Perttula

Cultural Resources Investigations Associated with the May 27, 11863 Assault by the Louisiana Native Guard upon Confederate Defenses, Port Hudson State Historical Site (16EF7), by Kenneth A. Ashworth and Mike Fraering.


Number 32, 2005 (published 2011)


Investigations at the Conly Site , a Middle Archaic Period Settlement in Northwest Louisiana, by Jeffrey S. Girard, Nathanael Heller, J. Phillip Dering, Susan L. Scott, H. Edwin Jackson, and Gary L. Stringer

The Past that Lies Ahead: Some Recent Development and Future Directions for Archaeology in Louisiana,

by Mark Rees

Glass Trade Beads from the Los Adaes Site (16NA16), by George Avery.


Number 33, 2006 (published 2011)


Did Some Middle to Late Archaic Burned Rock Middens in Central Texas Become Mounds?  by Boyd Dixon

Analysis of a Historic Child’s Burial from St. Joseph Cemetery (16LF46), Thibodaux, Louisiana,

by Mary H. Manhein, Ginesse A. Listi, and Jenna Kuttruff

Investigations of a Nineteenth Century Steamboat Wreck in Bayou Teche, Louisiana – A Possible Civil War Gunboat, by Charles E. Pearson

Archaeological Investigations at the Third Phase of the Battle of Mansfield (16DS228), by Robert Rogers & Reign Clark


Number 34, 2007 (published 2012)


The Rosedown Conservatory in West Feliciana Parish, by Rob Mann.

Remote Sensing and the Broussard Mounds Site (16AN1), by Benjamin S. Goodwin.

Solar Alignments at the Watson Brake Site, by Norman L. Davis.


Number 35, 2008 (published 2012)


New Jerusalem (16WF187): An Enigmatic Plaquemine Site in West Feliciana Parish by Malcolm K Shuman, Carl Kuttruff, Phillip K. Taylor, Taylor Gabour

A Lot from a Little: Painted Ceramics and Recycled Lithics from the Brooks Site (16SL135) by James Fogleman

The Bellevue Site (16BO4): A Woodland Period Mound in Northwest Louisiana by Jeffrey S. Girard

Scratching the Surface: The Role of Surface Collection in Solving the “Mystery” of Poverty Point by Robert F. Connolly

Number 36, 2009 (published 2013)


Archaeological Silver Lining: Investigation of Hurricane Gustav Damaged Areas at the Marksville Site (16AV1). by David T. Palmer.

The Clear Creek Bay Site (16GR20): Stratigraphy, Lithic Technology, and Settlement Patterns,

by John E. Keller.

School Days: Cultural Resources Investigations at the Colton Junior High School Site (16OR562),

by Dena Struchtemeyer and James Eberwine.

Revisiting the Lac (Lake) St. Agnes Site (16AV26), Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana, by Christopher Rodning,

Jayur Mehta, Bryan S. Haley, David M. Chatelain, and Erlend M. Johnson.


Number 37, 2010 (published 2014)


The San Patrice Culture at Fort Polk, Louisiana: the Anacoco Phase and the Distribution of Related Paleoindian and Early Archaic Cultural Components by James Morehead and Bradley Lafitte.

Likely Source Attribution for a Possible Paleoindian Obsidian Tool from Northwest Louisiana

By Matthew T Boulanger, Michael D. Glascock, M. Steven Shackley, Craig Skinner, and Jennifer J. Thatcher.

by Diana Greenlee, Richard E. Hughes, and Thomas M. Origer

Twin Bird Islands (16CD118): A Late Paleoindian-Early Archaic Site in Caddo Parish, Louisiana

By Charlotte D. Pevny



Number 38, 2011 (published 2014)


Geophysical Investigations of Four Selected Areas within the Fort Jesup Military Reservation Site

(16SA212) in Sabine Parish, Louisiana by Steven L. De Vore

Astronomy and Geometry at Poverty Point by William F. Romain and Norman L. Davis

Slip Slidin' Away: The Toncrey Site (16PL7) .by Dennis Jones

Investigations at the Toncrey Site (16PL7): Analysis of a Late Prehistoric Site in Extreme

Southeastern Louisiana by Rebecca Brown McLain

Number 39, 2012 (published 2015)


Zooarchaeology of the Portage Mounds Site (16SM5) in Southern Louisiana by A. James Delahoussaye, Brad R. Moon, and Mark A Rees

Lithic Artifacts from the Los Adaes Site (16NA16), Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana by George Avery

Open Vegetation and an Ancient Depression: Pollen and Sediments from the Swamp West of Mound A at Poverty Point World Heritage Site (16WC5) by Elizabeth Scharf

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